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Pony Up


When Utility & Beauty...Connect.

Seatbelt yourself into the first and original very sheer 4 ounce 100% Polyester Ultraviolet Protection Factor 15 (UVP 15) Dry Wicking Lightweight Performance Mesh Polo shirts with our patented full metal Power Void." Comfortable enough for the office, track, or golf course; chic enough for a night out; durable enough for hard travel - our collection will help keep you cool in style.

Clothe yourself with the look of exotic power and couture motorsport fashion while in your car, then take that look with you when you're not. Mechanically Enhanced Driving Apparel for those few with discerning tastes.

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Woven Carbon Fiber

Wearable Mechanics


Carbon Fiber usability takes on two forms. Pulled Carbon Fiber is pulled to resemble cotton-like fluff so it can be spun into fire retardant blankets, undergarments, and other material. Woven carbon Fiber is produced as a lightweight stronger than steel tensil strength material for instustrial purposes such as aerospace and automotice luxury and or racing applications. This type of carbon fiber is doped with resin and multiple layers to create molded parts. Function 1122® repurposes woven carbon fiber as elements of style to accentuating the function of our our select driving apparel collections. .

Our approach is from centuries past when constructing buildings, chests, coaches, were done by hand. We produce each of our carbon fiber enhancements by hand to unyeilding specifications and attention to detail. A departure from the cookie cutter mass production by automatation.. Every shirt is essentially one of a kind i.e. slightly different from others in subtle ways. Just as a super car is molded, massaged, and polished into existence - so too our apparel.

We warranty our clothing for against manufacturing and material defects for 1 year. See our Ordering page for more information.

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Man Woman Machine Car Gallery

The Driver: A Photo Journal


More than a tool for living...explore the storytelling imagry of the Driver as captured by the lens of master photographer and car culture photojournalist...Jonathan Meas. More than a tool for living - car and driver are the embodiment of time, space, presence, and expression; so too their apparel. Tour the gallery to see "Those Who Drive" in action.


The Machine: A Gallery


Tour Function 1122 patrons and employees' driving machines as captures through the lens of master photographer J.Meas More than a tool for living, the car is the embodiment of time, space, culture, expression, and an extension of its "Driver."

Tour the gallery to see The Driven in action.



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