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Engineered by Those Who Drive.

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Driven by Passion | Engineered for Function

What's in a Name?

Function 1122

Apparel for the "Driver" in you.

Etymology: /'f?NGkSH?n'/ 1122 - coined from a military aerospace term for assuring a "Driver's" battlesphere superiority - Function 1122® is...the au courant look of the performance car Driver; influenced by speed, power, technology, and luxury.

For Those Aquainted with the Checkered Flag.

We began with the air, we continue with the ground. Function 1122® is the first company ever to integrate 100% real woven carbon fiber with wearable and functional clothing. We are a company whose passion is high performance cars, driving, and racing. Speed. Style. Power. Presence. We are continuously engineering woven carbon fiber into functional apparel for those who drive; those who demand motorsport indicative clothing that is of quality, comfortability, stylish, performance. Like racing, our clothing is for those who aspire to Touch The Limit®.
Function 1122 Corporation®

Our History

DoD: SAC 384 OMS/DAS Maintainers - "Crows."

Cessna Aircraft Company: One of the company's future founders works along side business jet aircraft mechanics and is introduced to carbon fiber as used for airframe repair.

High Tech Dot Com: After leaving Cessna Aircraft, the company's future founder leaves the aircraft industry and begins a partnership to start a new company in the high-tech sector.

The 1122 Group™: The 1122 Group is formed and begins operations funding three new companies.

Function 1122®: Concluding 14 years as a software company principal, Function 1122® future founder along with other partners sell their tech-company. Function 1122® unofficially comes into being.

A Fashion First: Function 1122® repurposes real 100% woven carbon fiber and carbon fiber/kevlar hybrid material to produce the "Carbon Diffuser" Shirt prototype collection. This is the first shirt ever to use real woven (not pulled) carbon fiber as an integrated part of a wearable shirt material. Word spreads.

For Those Who Drive: The "Carbon Diffuser" Driver's Shirt is "functionalized" and first introduced at the annual Porsche California Festival of Speed for 2016 amid smells of gasoline, food truck fare cooking, revving engines, burbling supercar exhaust notes, and checkered flags. Putting the shirt to use, the sight of the company's Porsche 911 (993) Project Car driven by an 1122 executive ripping around the AAA Speedway "Roval" is a sight to see. The shirt is a hit and sales begin.

Quality craftsmanship by hand continues as the company prepares to release its new design for late 2017.

COVID-19 pandemic shuts down all company production & operations.

Patent is granted. Our signet shirt production and operations planning restart.

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On The Regular

  • California Festival of Speed

    Drop by our annual event booth at the California Festival of Speed, sponsored by the Porsche Club of America. The festival is the largest gathering of Porsche owners and enthusiasts in the Southwest and is located at.the AAA Speedway every April, Fontana CA..

  • Bimmerfest West

    Every May our cars and possibly our booth can be spotted at the largest gathering of BMW car owners and enthusiasts in the world. That is of course Bimmerfest West. The last two events have been in Fontana, CA at the AAA Speedway.

  • Cars N Coffee

    Formerly in Irvine, now in Aliso Viejo, CA, A Function 1122 weekly favorite.

  • Beauty & Beast: The Competition

    Our own car show highlighting select cars that are gorgeous and refined horsepower beasts - but you would not know it from their looks. Every June, Upland CA..


We produce driving apparel that embodies the driving experience, is performance serious, comfortable, purposeful, distinctive, and displays an aggressive yet elegant presence in and out of the car. Accentuated by driver utility, we are the first apparel company to integrate 100% real woven carbon fiber with clothing.

  • Stylish
  • Powerful
  • Real Woven Carbon Fiber Asserts Presence
  • Driver Functional Features
  • Moisture Wicking/Cooling Performance
  • Motorsport Lineage
  • Handcrafted and not Mass Produced
  • Customizable
  • Exclusive
  • Limited Collection Production


Hey thank you guys so much, honestly you guys are awesome, and I can't thank you enough for everything. I will definitely be recommending you guys to other people I know.

PFC. Richard S., Temecula, California

I was wearing your pre-release shirts and walked into a store. A guy came up to me and asked me about the shirt, about it being for drivers and where he could get one. People love this shirt!

Breanne H., Wichita, Kansas

One of the most comfortable polo shirts I've ever put on. Dope product.

Ted N., Upland, California

Wearing the shirt...awesome! Going to order one in White and Navy next!

Omar H., Los Angeles. California

I love the shirt, gonna sport it tonight...

Hirren C. Upland, California