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Prize: Graphic T-Shirt or our Carbon Fiber "Diffuser" Polo!

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Project Cars 2 by Slightly Mad Software debutes 22 September 2017
Once the game has been released, record a 7 second maximum video clip of your driving skills behind the wheel of the Function 1122 Acura NSX GT3 in the game and:

  1. Step 1. Go to our Contact Us page and save the Reference Number of your submission before you submit your entry.
  2. Step 2. Use the form on our Contact Us page to submit your contest application by entering your name, email, address, and shirt size in the comments box.
  3. Step 3. Send your clip of 7 seconds or less driving the PC2 F1122 NSX GT3 to the email address shown on the Contact Us page. In the subject line include the Ref. # from Step 1.

Rules: Participants do not have to submit the video at the same time of contest entry. Participants may enter first and submit their video at a later date. The video must have the entry reference number to be considered for the winners circle. One submission per contestant only! There is no expiration date. Winners are/will be chosen periodically over a number of successive Rounds. Winners will be determined for each "Round" based observable "driving dimensions." Each submission qualifies for multiple rounds therefore only one submission is necesary. Multiple submissions from a contestant will immediately disqualify that contestant. Submissions from different email addresses (multiple submissions) for a single contestant will immediately disqualify the contestant from the contest. Multiple submissions of a contestants email from different email addresses will immediately disqualify the sender if not the contestant from the contest. Sumbissions are tracked by IP address. Multiple submissions from an IP address will immediately disqualify the owner/assignee of the IP address.

Prize Awarding
Once a winner has been chosen, the Function 1122 graphic t-shirt will be selected from available inventory and the winner will be notified.. The grand prize is a Funtion 1122 Carbon "Diffuser" Polo valued at $114.00. Runners up will be awarded a Function 1122 Graphic Logo or Motorsport T-shirt valued at $25.00. The specific graphic shirt designated as the award will be selected randomly from available inventory. You must be at least 18 years of age.

Prize Fitment
Sizes run small and the shirts are 100% cotton. For a looser fit specify one size larger.

IMPORTANT PLEASE READ! Contest Security, Participation, Legal/Disclaimer Statement

This Contest is FREE! Function 1122 takes responsible and prudent precautions to prevent the misuse/abuse or marauding actions with respect to its contests and or operations. Remember - Function 1122 will never ask for money or contact you unsolicited. Beware any email, letter, phone call, agent, or otherwise, claiming to be from or represent Function 1122 and or requiring a contest entry fee. Due to the public nature of the internet, the very existence of a contest may be seen as an opportunity to defraud the public which includes contestants. Any contestant who receives any unsolicited suspicious correspondence claiming to be from or about Function 1122 products or contests should not respond, then verify its legitimacy immediately with Function 1122's customer support center.

Function 1122 makes no promises, assertions, or guarantees of winning.  Function 1122 reserves the right to cancel/end any contest, at anytime, without notice, and without award, for any reason.

You, the contestant, by entering this contest, hereby agree to the rules and constraints set forth herein and shall indemnify, defend and hold harmless Function 1122 L.L.C., a California-based corporation and any of their officers, employees and agents in both their official and individual capacity, from any and all liability, claims, damages, expenses including attorney’s fees and litigation costs, resulting from or arising out of the his/her/your participation in the contest.

The Project Cars 2 F1122 NSX GT3

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