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Exclusivity Commands Recognition

Function 1122's Owner's Circle


Benefits: The Function 1122® Tail or Side Badge

  Not for the Status Quo
Who, What, When, & How? Owning a product crafted by an artisan's hands is owning a one-of-a-kind item. Owning a product that is an original and first of its type and class is owning a piece of history; and this is what you have with our woven carbon fiber shirts (pat. pend.) The Function 1122 tail or side badge signifies that you are a part of this history as well as a distinct and exclusive circle of owner's whose car and inspired attire, announce there is more to driving than just transportaton of yourself from point to point. This is evident in your style of dress - a look which blends the elegance of quality, comfort, power, performance. presence, and driver function with a motorsports heritage..

The tail badge (pictured) or the smaller side window badge (not shown) is not a purchasable item - it is given to apparel owners who have purchased Function 1122 handcrafted carbon fiber enhanced clothing and or accessories. The badge signifies no fakes, no trade offs, no acceptance of substitutes. The badge announces you as a member of the few for which driving is more than a mundane necessicity. 1122ers are those dialed-in to those human and machien components which form "The Driver."

As an owner of the original and first woven carbon fiber enhanced motorsports apparel, the badge is awarded to Function 1122 customers (you) who achieve 200 Customer Points. Additionally, reaching this stage initiates a 15% discount off all future Function 1122 merchandise purchases, on sale, or not, for life.

The tail or side badge is requested by responding to the award notification as the badge is configured specifically to your car's measurements. Upon reaching 200 CPs you will receive an email and or a text notification about your award and lifetime discount. Simply respond to the notification with the information requested. The badge and shipping costs are incurred by Function 1122.

Note: Replacement badges will be shipped free, however, a $30.00 replacement charge will be incurred.

200 Customer Points Example:

Product Purchased Price Customer Points (CP)
Carbon Fiber Enhanced Diffuser Shirt $114.50 114.5
Custom Motorsports Dress Belt $90.00 90.0
---- ---- ----
Total $204.50 204.5 (15% lifetime discount & badge option notification)